land division process


Land division includes:

  • The alteration of the boundaries of land.
  • The division of land into at least two (or more) allotments.
  • Large scale developments containing numerous allotments.

By Torrens Title, Community Title or Community Strata Title (or for an existing strata scheme – Strata Title).

The Division of land requires the approval of the local council, statutory auhorities, and the Development Assessment Commission.  To finalise the process, documentation and the Plan of Division, must be lodged at the Lands Titles Office (LTO).

Dividing land is a costly and timely process, requiring thorough research and preparation, before beginning the land division process.

When considering land division, it is important to consider what type of property title you wish to create. 



It is imperative to consider the objectives of the relevant Zone / Policy Area in general, and the Principles Of Development Control.
The Zoning of your land indicates the “highest and best use” to which it may be used. The Principles Of Development Control cover areas (such as): minimum size(s) / dimensions of allotments, and also their minimum size(s) as they relate to varying types of dwellings; (and note) not all dwelling types are “permitted” in all Zones / Policy Areas.
There are many areas that have to be addressed within your application, some of these being, (but not limited to) are: densities, streetscape(s), setbacks, site coverage, private open space, overlooking, overshadowing. With “group dwelling” projects, you need to consider this in addition to: visitor parks, vehicle manoeuvring, along with ingress / egress considerations with the common driveway; and a myriad of other areas.
helpdevelopmyproperty will ensure that everything is considered at the “front end” of your development application, to ensure that this process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Below is an indicative (and brief) overview of the Council Approval process, based on a “straight forward” application, also involving the building of dwellings.