general consultants

helpdevelopmyproperty only refers, to the Consultants whom we consider as being in the “golden thread” of their industry.
We know from experience, that our clients interests are looked after, and your project will “track well” within these Consultants’ business, and as Project Manager we are collaborating with them to ensure timely outcomes are realised.
Setting aside the general “nuts and bolts areas” of the development process, it is imperative to also consider other important “areas”. These may include the structuring of (any required) “entities” for your development, based on your personal situation and requirements, as well as any required Trust Deeds and other tax strategies.
The last thing you need after a seemingly (financially) successful project, is to learn that you have problems in disbursing profits as effectively as you had hoped; or unforseen additional stamp duty issues with the subsequent (internal) transferring of property.
We work with specialists in these extremely important areas, and of course, with all other Consultants that may be required; for your specific project needs.