building inclusion document

Whether for your own home, or multi dwelling speculative project, It’s imperative you “scope” your project to include all your requirements; at the initial documentation stage with the Builder. There are two important reasons for this:

  1. Builders make their largest margins with contract variations (termed VOC’s), so the prices for such works are often substantially more than it would have been if originally documented and “priced in”, – they also often add an excessive “overhead”, and / or “administration” fee.
  2. Most importantly, you don’t want to find that construction has progressed too far, and that it is cost prohibitive to undertake these works; (due to cost of dismantling and subsequent reinstatement).  Most works, require infrastructure that needs to be in-situ at the “first fix” stage of building works, i.e. prior to the installing of gyprock sheeting; (if “traditional” brick veneer construction).  So “measure twice, cut once”, – in other words be thorough, and include it the first time; by ensuring that it is all correctly documented.
I have over the last approximately sixteen years, developed my own “inclusion document”, to ensure that I have everything I require included and documented; of which you can tailor my document to your own individual requirements.
I’m confident that this “document”, could save you a considerable amount of money during the building process, in addition to ensuring that you get what you want.
We also highlight preventative maintenance initiatives, that we believe you will want to adopt, and not only for your peace of mind with your own home; but also with any speculative dwellings that you are doing.
This is likely to provide you with distinct points of difference, which will be highly sought after by any discerning buyer; (with little extra cost to incorporate on your part).
This may give you the market edge, with a prospective purchaser choosing your property over others!
helpdevelopmyproperty can assist you via our experience, to encompass a high level of attention to detail, in many areas of your building inclusion detail.