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Whether your development project is a small residential land division, (i.e. one existing title into two), a substantial one, or one with or without the building of any dwelling(s); we have the expertise to Project Manage your development.

We offer a complete, residential land division/ property development Project Management service, including but not limited to:

  • (If required), a pre-land purchase project consultation.
  • (For a land division proposal), a report outlining the Zone/ Policy Area Objectives, and the Principles Of Development Control.
  • Any required meetings with Council, prior to the lodgement of your application(s).
  • The lodgement of all required plans, and supporting documentation to Council (and other required statutory bodies), to facilitate all required approvals for your land division. NOTE: If intending to build, this “application” does not incorporate the (future) required Building Rules Consent, or final D.A.
  • (If required), the Project Management of building tenders, for any dwellings to be constructed; with an emphasis on ensuring that all your building inclusion requirements are documented. For more information, refer to our building inclusion document tab.
  • The Project Management of your entire development, including that of any required specialist consultants, this can include FROM pre-project acquisition requirements; TO the final sale process of your project (if required).
By the early detection of potential issues, we are able to utilise our problem solving skills via creative solutions, to save you time and therefore money.
We coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously, ensuring continual “traction” and efficiency, so timely outcomes are realised.
We work with you, and in your best interests at all times, to help you realise your property objectives.
Please phone us, or you may prefer the convenience of using our “contact us” tab.